Mission of the bank - is to help to strengthen entrepreneurship in the Republic by offering clients large-scale banking services that meet business requirements at a professional level.

To fulfill this mission, JSC Aloqabank always operates based on its corporate values.

Corporate values:

  • Professional skills. Every client who cooperates with JSC Aloqabank can be sure of receiving high-quality service and the most optimal solution and advice in the use of its products.
  • Reliability. JSC Aloqabank abides by high standards of work ethics in its relationships based on honesty, mutual trust, open policy, and agreement with clients, partners, and government agencies, with the goal of achieving a good business reputation.
  • Openness. JSC"Aloqabank"s activities are based on open and sincere relations with clients, staff, the public and the state.
  • Legality. Along with the implementation of its activities, based on the law, JSC"Aloqabank" does not allow the conclusion of inappropriate risky and dubious (illegal) agreements.
  • Implementation of innovative ideas. Aloqabank always tries to provide each client with banking products based on the most advanced banking achievements and innovative ideas on a global scale.
  • International cooperation. JSC "Aloqabank" promote the enterprises of our country in attracting foreign investors, and foreign partners offers ideas for the implementation of the business plans in Uzbekistan.
  • Efficiency. When performing each operation, Aloqabank strives to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time, using human and financial resources in the most appropriate way.

The Bank operates its business based on the following principles:

  • Transparency. The Bank always provides reliable information about significant changes and events in its activities, as information openness is the basis for a high level of trust in the Bank of customers and partners.
  • Mutual trust. The Bank values the trust of its customers, considering it the basis for the development of its business, and strengthens relations on mutually beneficial terms.
  • Professionalism. Forming a team of professionals, the Bank creates all conditions for continuous professional development of employees and takes care of their social security and motivation.
  • Innovation. The Bank combines the wisdom of past generations and innovative solutions of today to meet all customer requirements.

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