One million programmers

Purpose of the loan: For the purchase of a computer to young people who have successfully completed training courses as part of the ”one million programmers " project, as well as young people who are students or graduates of an IT park resident.

The main terms of the loan:

Loan term

24 months

The grace period

4 months

The loan amount

in an amount not exceeding 25 times the base settlement amount

The purpose of the loan

to purchase a computer or laptop

Annual interest rate

of 1.5 times of key rate of the Central Bank

Type of security

third party guarantee


* Note: interest payments on the loan are offset by funds allocated from the State budget to the Agency for Youth Affairs.

List of documents required from the borrower:

  • The original of the client's identity document (civil passport or identity card of an individual). In this case, the original identity document is issued by an employee of the bank;
  • A copy of the certificate of successful completion of training courses within the framework of the Million Programmers project;
  • Certificate issued by the Agency for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the verification of the certificate and payment of interest on the loan as compensation (no more than 60 days from the date of issuance of the certificate);
  •  A copy of the computer purchase and sale agreement;
  • The original of the identity document of the guarantor (civil passport or identity card of the guarantor).

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