Account management

Account management

Opening of accounts

Cost of services - free of charge.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Application;
  • Samples of the signature at the card;
  • A copy of the order, order on the appointment of the company's Director and chief accountant (if available) and their passports.

Users by types of services:

  • Legal entities-residents and non-residents, individual entrepreneurs, agricultural farms and individuals.

Types of open accounts:

In national and foreign currency:

  • as required (main and secondary);
  • Savings;
  • With maturity;
  • Loan and credit;
  • For recalculations via bank payment plastic cards.

Transfer of payment documents

Cost of services:

  • 0.5% of the amount of debit turnover (This amount can be changed by additional agreements).

Types of payment documents:

  • Payment orders;
  • Encashment order;
  • Encashment requirement;
  • Memorial order;
  • Payments on plastic cards;
  • Letter of credit application;
  • Payments by cheques.

Payment document transfer mechanism:

  • Entering a payment document directly provided by the client into the program;
  • Organization and remote maintenance of software by processing payment document records;
  • Based on the client's application;
  • Payment received by the Bank via mail;

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