Deposit Maturity

Annual interest rate

Minimal amount.(UZS)

Minimal amount. (UZS)

from 91- up to 365 days


100 million


above 365 days


Procedure for opening a Deposit:

  • Deposit by transfer of funds from legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the national currency (sum)

Accrual and payment of interest:

  • Accrued interest on the Deposit is paid once a month, on the last business day of the bank each month and on the day of Deposit refund

Early refund of the Deposit at the client's request:

  • Early full refund of the Deposit is subject to a written notification from the client 1 month in advance. In this case, the previously paid interest is recalculated (for early repayment up to 3 months 0%, after 3 months 12%). Overpaid interest is charged on the principal amount of the Deposit.

Documents provided:

  • Application for the conclusion of a Deposit agreement (including, if the client is not identified in the Bank, the client provides identification documents).

Additional deposit can be made


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