Corporate plastic cards

OJSC "Alokabank" offers you to make use of a very convenient means of payment for the purchased goods and rendered services. Using of corporate plastic cards of the bank will allow you to increase a management efficiency of economic and travelling expenses. Corporate cards are a reliable means of payment issued to both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs without possessing the status of legal entity.

Corporate cards are aimed to pay for:

  • travel allowances (reservation of tickets, hotel fare, restaurant and other business expenses);
  • overheads;
  • utility expenses (consumables and goods needed by the company);
  • expenses concerned with the basic activity of the enterprise (procurement of goods, payment of services, settlements with the suppliers and etc.);
  • representation/entertainment expenses (gifts, shops, restaurants and etc.).

Salary projects

The Bank offers the enterprises and organizations to make accruals, payment of salary and other incomes with the help of the plastic cards. This allows reducing salary payments costs due to savings connected with the implementation of cash operations, custody and transportation of cash monetary assets.The salary project for any enterprise is an effective way of formalization of relations between employer and worker at calculations on wages.

The advantages of salary project:

  • minimization of the charges connected with the organization of wages payment: reception and storage of a cash, protection of money resources -  all these functions are incured by the Bank;
  • increase of safety of the organization, absence of operations with the large cash sums and the absence of necessity for transportation, recalculation and delivery of cash;
  • disappearance of personnel loading in days of salary payment, simplification of work of accounting departments and cash department of the enterprise, involved during salary payment;
  • absence of necessity for deposition of not received money resources;
  • simplification of salary payment to employees of the enterprises having branches in any regions of Uzbekistan. The on-line opportunity to charge wages is given and to get rid of necessity to collect means for its delivery;
  • reduction of losses of working hours;
  • successful solution of social problems owing to Bank credit program for employees of the enterprise.

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