Corporate plastic cards

Uzcard and HUMO corporate cards for local use

These corporate cards are intended for both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs without the formation of a legal entity.

The cards are intended for payment:

  • travel expenses (booking a ticket, paying for a hotel, restaurant, etc.));
  • overhead costs;
  • household expenses (general consumer goods and company needs);
  • expenses related to the main activity of the enterprise (purchase of goods, payment for services, settlements with suppliers, etc.);
  • expenses of a representative nature (gifts, shops, restaurants, etc.).


UnionPay Business Corporate Cards

Joint map of the two systems: UnionPay International and Uzcard

The corporate card is intended for individual entrepreneurs.

The card can be used both in the domestic market and abroad in the infrastructure of the UnionPay International system in more than 175 countries and regions.

In addition to travel, representation and other expenses related to visiting a foreign country, you can withdraw funds from UnionPay Business corporate cards through ATMs within the framework of the UnionPay International infrastructure.


VISA Classic Corporate cards

Corporate cards of AK "Alokabank" can pay for travel and representation expenses, as well as expenses related to the economic activities of the organization, both in Uzbekistan and abroad.


Advantages of using a corporate VISA card:

  • Improving cost control;
  • Release of the company's employees from the need to return unspent accountable cash on a business trip;
  • Round-the-clock access to funds on the card account;
  • No need to declare funds during customs control;
  • The possibility of issuing multiple credit cards to a single current account;
  • Payment for purchases and services on the Internet;
  • SMS-notification of the performed operations on the card.


List of required documents to open a corporate card:

  • Application for opening a corporate card and card account;
  • Copy of the cardholder's passport;
  • Cardholder Application form;
  • Contract for issuing and servicing a corporate card.


Salary projects

The Bank offers enterprises and organizations to make accrual, payment of wages and other income using plastic cards. This allows you to significantly reduce the costs associated with the issuance of salaries to staff by saving money associated with the implementation of cash transactions, storage, transportation of cash.


Advantages of the salary project of JSC «Aloqabank»

  • Minimization of expenses related to the organization of payment of wages: receipt and storage of cash, protection of funds-all these functions are assumed by the Bank;
  • improving the security of the organization, the absence of transactions with large amounts of cash, the absence of the need for transportation, recalculation and issuance of cash;
  • the disappearance of the peak load on the staff on the days of salary issuance, simplification of the work of the accounting departments and the cash register of the enterprise engaged in the process of salary issuance;
  • simplification of the payment of salaries to employees of enterprises with branches in all regions of Uzbekistan. It is possible to centrally calculate wages and get rid of the need to collect funds for its issuance;
  • reducing the loss of working time, receiving salaries by employees of the enterprise occurs during non-working hours;
  • successful solution of social problems thanks to the credit program of JSC «Aloqabank» for employees of the enterprise.

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