Trade finance

Terms of trade financing services:

Trade finance: Financing foreign trade contracts on import of goods not prohibited by the law at the expense of foreign banks

Amount of trade finance: part of the import contract payables under the condition of a letter of credit.

Facility term of trade finance:  12 months (principal is paid quarterly)

Commission fee: 10-12% (USD) 9-10% (EURO) (all expenses related to confirmation of letter of credit are covered by the client)

Basic terms of Trade finance services:

  • Trade contracts must be based on a certified letter of credit.
  • Term of trade finance mast be up to 12 months (Principal are paid quarterly)

Objects of trade finance:

  • In order to purchase equipment
  • In order to purchase vehicles

Required documents:

  • Application
  • Business plan or feasibility study
  • Financial reports
  • Documents of collateral

Types of collateral for trade finance service:

  • Building (real estate)
  • Vehicles (special means of machinery)
  • Guarantees
  • Insurance policy

Documents of collateral:

Documents for pledge:

  • Property Valuation Report
  • Special passports of property
  • Stockholders’ Statement of pledge agreement

Documents for guarantees of third party:

  • Financial reports of guarantor enterprise
  • Audit reports
  • Stockholders’ Statement of agreement to guarantee
  •  Constituent documents (certificates, charter, founding documents)

Documents for Insurance policy:

  • Insurance contract and policy

Reliable users of service:

  • Participants of foreign trade

Letter of credit

Trade finance


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