Settlement-cash service

«Aloqabank» offers a complex settlement-cash service of corporate clients - residents and non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan in national and foreign currency.

«Aloqabank» gives corporate clients an opportunity to use any kind of convenient SWIFT, "Bank-Client" telecommunication connection that guarantees high speed and accuracy of carrying out calculations.

  • Opening and conducting accounts in national and foreign currency
  • Opening of accounts is made in the minimal terms.
  • Accounts open at granting a standard package of documents.
  • For the operations carried out from the bank account, Bank raises the commissions according to tariffs.

The list of the documents necessary for opening of accounts to corporate clients (residents):

  1. Application on opening of the account (the settlement account or the current currency account) under the form established by Bank.
  2. Copies of the certificate on the state registration.
  3. A card with samples of signatures of the head, chief accountant, the authorized officials and a print of a seal of the legal person - certified materially.

If there is no post of the chief accountant or executing his functions in staff of the legal person, it should be marked about this in a card: «the post of the accountant is not stipulated by the list of the staff».The card in this case signed only by the head. Service of accounts in national and foreign currency is carried out at all branches of the Bank.

Transfers of money resources in national and foreign currency

«Aloqabank» carries out transfers of money resources of corporate clients in national and foreign currency. Thus following services are rendered to the Client:

  • transfers of the money resources, received as a cash, on a day of their acceptance from the Client;
  • transfers of the money resources which have received in the non-cash order, on a day of their transfer on the account of the Client;
  • transfer of receipts on accounts of Clients;
  • execution of client transfers under the account till 13:00 on local time;
  • transfers with urgent execution;
  • change of terms, cancellation, return of transfer, inquiry about payment, change of payment requisites, search not reached the addressee and the expected sums;
  • transfer of means at closing the account, and also transfer of the means received on earlier closed account, on the location of the account in other credit establishment;
  • return of wrongly enlisted sums in favour of beneficiaries - not clients of the bank.
Cash service
  • Reception and delivery of cash money resources in national and foreign currency.
  • Cash recalculation.
  • Cash storage.
  • Delivery of cash money resources under the advanced order.
  • Acceptance on storage of documents, securities and other values.

Service on collection of «Aloqabank» clients and its Business carried out by Republican management on Collection, payment on which completely is paid by the Bank.



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