JSC «Aloqabank» offers SWIFT GPI services. This is an international settlement standard that allows you to significantly improve the quality of customer service when making international payments by increasing the speed, transparency and continuous tracking of payments. SWIFT GPI Now international payments are faster!

Advantages of the SWIFT GPI system:

  • Real-time tracking of international transfers thanks to the unique identifier of each transfer;
  • the ability to accelerate processes in the payment chain;
  • time saving; transparency in terms of time and money spent on the payment process in the payment chain;
  • forecasting the circulation of money during the transfer of large funds and faster reporting in terms of optimizing liquidity management
  • Transparent display of all payment fees and the ability to check them at any time;
  • The ability to stop a fraudulent or duplicate payment at any stage thanks to the Stop&Recall function;
  • The ability to send extended accompanying information to the payment;
  • Improved interaction between correspondent banks and participating banks of the standard.
  • SWIFT GPI (Global Payment Innovation) gives undeniable advantages to our clients: tracking how payments to their external counterparties go through the interbank system.
  • SWIFT GPI (Global Payment Innovation) is a new standard for international payments, introduced by the SWIFT payment system in 2017.

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