Auto loan

Car loan is a type of credit granted to purchase a car on the primary market.


Basic car loan requirements:



Annual interest rate

Down payment amount

Additional information for Grace period


up to 3 years

up to 3 months


20% of the loan amount


The amount of the initial fee is kept in the bank as a deposit until the car is pledged.  Once the car is pledged the initial fee will be redirected to the loan amount.


up to 3 years

up to 3 months


36% of the loan amount


up to 3 years

up to 3 months


50% of the loan amount


up to 4 years

up to 3 months


30% of the loan amount


up to 4 years

up to 3 months


30% of the overall payment for the car 

The amount of the initial fee is paid by the borrower to the account of the seller in the enterprise, that is, it is not stored in the bank as a guarantee of deposit. The loan is allocated to pay the rest of the price of the car.


As a loan security can be accepted:

  • a vehicle to be purchased (the vehicle must be insured commensurate with the loan period);
  • insurance policy confirming credit default insurance in favour of the bank before pledging collateral for the vehicle to be purchased;
  • a third-party guarantee based on the Bank's Credit Policy requirements.

Documents to be submitted by the car loan recipient:

  • a copy of the passport;
  • a sale contract for vehicles sold domestically through an official dealers network.

Information on the income of a borrower (co-borrower, individual guarantor) is obtained from the State Tax Committee (STC) database

If the information is not possible to obtain from the STC database (should an application for a loan be submitted by citizens not paying income tax, having income tax benefits, as well as should technical failures occur in the STC database and information system of the Bank) it is provided by the borrower (co-borrower, individual guarantor).

Documents required from the guarantor if a third party guarantee is provided as the loan security:

from an individual guarantor:

  • a copy of the passport (an original is provided).

from a legal entity guarantor:

  • the balance sheet and appendices of a guarantor company;
  • auditor's opinion;
  • minutes of the meeting of founders agreeing to issue the guarantee;
  • Constituent documents (Certificate, Regulations and Articles of Association).



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