Consumer loan

Consumer loan is a type of loan provided to an individual for the purchase of goods and services produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan to fulfill consumer needs.

Basic terms of the loan; 


Loan amount 


Annual interest rate

Form of loan provision

Credit security

According to the amount of the agreement and loan security, taking into account the borrower's income

up to 36 months


By transferring funds to the account of the product manufacturer

-Warranty for loans that do not exceed 100 times the size of the basic estimated value;

-Liquid property on loans exceeding 100 times the size of the basic estimated value;


 A copy of your passport (the original is provided for viewing);

The following documents are provided:

  •  A purchase and sale contract agreement conducted between the borrower and a company, product manufacturer, or service provider

Information about the borrower's income (co-borrower, individual guarantor) is requested from the information database of the State Tax Committee (STC). If there is no possibility to obtain information on income from information database of the STC (if an application is received from a client that does not pay income tax or has an exemption to pay income tax or if you encounter technical problems in the information database of the STC and the internal system of the Bank) information about the income is provided by the borrower (the co-borrower is an individual)

If a third-party warranty is provided as a security for the loan, the following documents are required from the warantor:

If the warantor is an individual:

  • A copy of passport (the original is provided to check)

If the warantor is a legal entity:

  • Balance sheet with attachments;
  • Audit report;
  • Decisions of the founders on consent to warranty;

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