Plastic cards

UzCard plastic cards

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  • Make almost all types of payments within the country;
  • Withdraw cash from your card via ATMs at a convenient time;
  • Connect your card to the AloqaMobile mobile app and other popular services;
  • Transfer funds from card to card;
  • Add funds to your card via ATMs and "Paynet" service points.


MIR plastic cards

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JSC"Alokabank" bank payment plastic cards are accepted for payment and cash prepaid expense  in 8 countries, including Uzbekistan:

  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Armenia
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkey

Advantages of the UzCard with "MIR"

  • Acceptance of international money transfers to cards with "MIR" bank payement plastic card;
  • Add funds to bank payment plastic cards in cash while outside of Uzbekistan (from Russia and other countries listed above);


UnionPay-Uzcard cobaging cards

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A cobaging card is a joint card of two payment systems UzCard and UnionPay, intended for the use in the infrastructures of both payment systems. That is, in Uzbekistan cobaging card is accepted for payment as a regular sum card, and abroad as a currency card. When paying with a cobaging card abroad, soums are instantly converted into the currency of the country where the purchase is made using the cross-selling rate of US dollars at the Alokabank exchange office.

The advantages of cobaging cards of UnionPay-UzCard:

  • It can be used both in Uzbekistan and in 170 countries and regions;
  • Instant conversion of sum funds when paying in a foreign currency;
  • Payment for purchases on international Internet platforms in national currency;
  • Contactless payment method-NFC, multi-level security system.
  • Connect to AloqaMobile and other popular mobile apps;
  • All usage privileges in the UnionPay infrastructure;
  • Transfers from card to card within the UzCard system;

The card with contactless payment technology (NFC) is equipped with a built-in chip and an antenna that transmits information about the payment via a radio channel to the contactless terminal.

How to use contactless cards?

You can make a contactless payment only in places where the NFC logo is present:

The purchase process itself looks like this:

  • you check the payment amount entered by the cashier;
  • hold the contactless card up to the reader for a moment;
  • A beep sounds and an inscription appears on the display that confirms the payment;
  • the terminal turns off (this eliminates the double write-off amount).

Payment with a cobaging card outside the Republic of Uzbekistan is made by debiting funds from the card account in soums at the rate of sale of US dollars to individuals set at the xchange offices of the bank.

To get a plastic card, you need to contact a Bank branch with an identity document(passport). You can also order a cobaging card at the link below.


HUMO cards

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  • Make almost all types of payments within the Country;
  • Withdraw cash from your card via ATMs at a convenient time;
  • Connect your card to the "AloqaMobile" official mobile app and other popularservices; transfer funds from card to card;
  • Use the contactless payment method up to 50 thousand soums 


VISA Classic

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"VISA Classic" international card-convenient in any part of the world

Advantages of using the card

  • Used in more than 200 countries and regions;
  • More than 2.6 million ATMs around the world;
  • Online payment for purchases in online stores;
  • Cash withdrawal in foreign currency (US dollars) via JSC"Alokabank"s cash desks;
  • Online conversion option via the official "AloqaMobile" app;
  • Managing funds via the official "AloqaMobile" app;
  • Family cards – one Bank account, two cards.

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