Universal microloan

Basic terms of the loan:

Name of the loan

Loan amount


Annual interest rate

Method of repayment


Minimum amount – 3 million soums

Maximum amount – up to 50 million soums

up to 36 months (without grace period) 




Borrower: Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan who have reached the age of 18 and have a permanent source of income, people not older than 60 years old or individuals without citizenship but with permanent residency in Uzbekistan

As a loan provision, the following are accepted:

  • Guarantee of a third party with a micro-loan amount of up to 40 (forty) million soums;
  • The pledge of liquid property in case of exceeding the amount of the micro-loan of more than 40 (forty) million soums.

Neccessary documents:

  • The original of the identity document of the client (civil passport or identification ID card of the person). In this case, a copy of the original of the identity document is made by the bank employee.

Information about the income of the borrower (co-borrowers, a guarantor person who is an individual) is studied by the bank online from external sources.

In cases where there is no possibility to information on the balance of income from external sources, a certificate of income payments is provided by the borrower or (co-borrowers, a guarantor who is an individual).

If a third-party waranty is provided as collateral for the loan, the following documents are provided by the warantor:

if a warantor is an Individual

  • A copy of passport (the original is provided to check) 

If the warantor is a legal entity:

  • Balance sheet with attachments;
  • Audit report;
  • Decisions of the founders on consent to warranty;



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