JSC "Aloqabank" expresses you gratitude for cooperation and informs you about the latest innovations the bank introduces.

Within the current transformation, JSC "Aloqabank" presents you the updated Internet Banking for Legal Entities (IBLE) with significantly improved and faster customer services.

Now you can find out more about the functionality and possibilities of the Internet banking by clicking link:

Go to the corporate client-bank (main)

Go to the corporate client-bank (test)

Login: 703886

Password: 123Aloqa

You can find a user guide on the IBLE page.

We are eager to receive your feedback and suggestions to improve the IBLE performance and esthetics, as well as to prevent possible operating failures.

Internet-banking is the service allowing you to manage your bank account via Internet. You just need computer with Internet access and Microsoft Internet Explorer for full work with Internet-banking technology.

Internet-banking gives you opportunity to:

  • send to bank all types of finance documents;
  • get records and documents on all accounts in bank within any time period;
  • follow all stages of payments documents processing in bank in real-time mode;
  • get operative massages on errors;
  • implement review and printing of income and outcome payment documents.

Internet-banking is more complete modification of Client-Bank system. Internet-banking has a lot of additional advantages for bank clients while keeping all advantages of precursor:

  • Operative - mutual settlements among client and bank are implemented in real-time mode. You can follow all stages of payment documents processing in bank on the screen of your computer. Information on payments entered to your address is renewed by entering to the bank.
  • Safely - protection of transfer information from illegal access is provided by encryption with a use of international cryptography format.
  • Economically - registration and use facilities Internet-banking are FREE.
  • Easy-to-use -  there is no need to possess some special knowledges or skill to control your own account through Internet. Don't fear to make the mistake when filling the pay-orders. The system carefully checks correctness of the filling document and points to your mistakes.
  • Simple - the simplicity of the procedure of the connection to Internet-banking (necessary only presence of the bank count in our bank, agreement "About service in system Internet-banking" and electronic digital certificate).



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