Сorrespondent relations

The Bank has established the reliable and confidential relationships with the famous European and Asian banks and it is currently using correspondent accounts in foreign currencies successfully. Acceptable tariffs and efficiency of services allow Alokabank to conduct its own operations as well as service our partners.

The Bank’s main correspondent banks are:

  • JSC Alfa-bank
  • AG Commerzbank (Frankfurt);
  • CJSC Asia-Invest Bank (Russia);
  • PAO "Sberbank" (Rossiya);
  • KB Kookmin Bank (South Korea);
  • Bank of China (China);
  • National Bank of Uzbekistan;
  • JSC "Uzpromstroybank";
  • JSIC "Ipak Yuli" Bank.
In addition, our bank takes active steps to increase the number of correspondent banks to expand the range of services for the Bank’s clients as well as our partners.


The Bank’s main partners are:
  • SJSC Asaka Bank
  • SC People’s Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • JSC "Kapitalbank"
  • JSC "Trust Bank" and others


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