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About General Shareholders Meeting

  • The Regulations on the General Shareholders Meeting of JSC Aloqabank | *.pdf |  Kb |

About Revision Commision

  • Regulations on the Revision Commision | *.pdf |  Kb |

About Supervisory Board

  • Regulations On the Supervisory Board of JSC Aloqabank | *.pdf |  Kb |

About Audit Committee

About Committee of Minority Shareholders

  • Regulation On the Committee of Minority Shareholders of JSC Aloqabank | *.pdf |  Kb |

About Banking Risk Control Committee

About Procedure of actions in the conflict of interests

About Executive Board

  • Regulations on the Executive Board of JSC Aloqabank | *.pdf |  Kb |

About Information Policy

About Internal control

About the conduct of employees 

About the organization and conduct of procurement of goods

About Compliance Supervision Department

About Conflict of Interest 

About new candidates 


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