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Western Union

WESTERN UNION - the fastest way to transfer money worldwide

It became easy to carry out remittances. Western Union enables everyone easily and simply to send and receive remittances worldwide.


Every year millions of people rely on Western Union if they need to support family, which is at home, to save travelers in a unforeseen situation and to provide stability of work of firm. Each transfer is protected by our system of safety of a world class, it can be checked up under control number, and also by the unique password chosen by you. Western Union guarantees fast and full payment of your money to the one to whom they intend.


It is possible to receive money in some minutes after their departure. Western Union uses the newest electronic technology and the unique world computer network which allows to make immediate payments in more than 181 countries of the world.


Western Union service stations are there where they are necessary to you: in banks, post offices, drugstores, shops, supermarkets, at stations, at the airports and other places. The majority of these points work during time convenient for clients and on days off. Totaling more than 238 000 Western Union service stations, is the largest network on realization the remittances in the world. In order to send a remittance you should…

To receive a remittance: