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«Aloqabank» renders a wide spectrum of services on crediting corporate clients in national and foreign currency. Rendering service on crediting, Bank is guided by principles of maintenance of liquidity of Bank balance, maintenance of a necessary level of profitableness of credit operations at preservation of a comprehensible risk level.

«Aloqabank» gives credits to the average and large enterprises of various patterns of ownership, including the enterprises with participation of the foreign capital.

The basic criterion for decision-making on granting the credit is presence at the Borrower of real sources of repayment of the credit.

Individual approach depending on structure of business deal is applied to each borrower, there is a consulting help in selection of the optimum form of crediting to borrowers.

Obligatory conditions for granting the credit are:
«Aloqabank» gives credits to corporate clients on the following purposes:
Terms of crediting
«Aloqabank» carries out crediting of Clients for following terms:
Security for credits
As maintenance of given out credits the Bank accepts:
Interest rate under credits is installed depending on a kind of a credit product, term of crediting and currency of the credit.